Bradshaw Medical Centre

Bradshaw Street, Orrell, Wigan, Lancashire WN50AB
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QOF Information

QOF is an innovative way to reward primary care teams for providing good quality care for their patients and a way of funding the work needed to improve the health care delivered to people across the United Kingdom.

The QOF has four ‘domains’: clinical, organisational, patient experience and additional services. Each domain is divided into areas (ten clinical, five organisational, two patient experience and four additional service areas) that are then further divided into individual indicators or standards.

Payments are linked to achievement of individual indicators and standards in the four domains, each of which has a number of points allocated to it.

See the prevalence figures for the main disease areas, such as Diabetes, CHD and Hypertension for the practice. To view the points scored by the practice, click on the disease area to bring up the indicators. Float the arrow over the indicator for a description.

You can also compare the practice’s figures with the PCT average or other practices in your area.

QOF 15/16 Figures

  • Clinical domain 435.00 points out of 435 points
  • Public Health domain 123.41 points out of 124 points
  • Achieved points Total points 558.41 out of 559

QOF 14/15 Figures

Points out of 1000 we achieved 993.77

This was made up of:

  • Clinical 662.77
  • Organisational 254.00
  • Additional services 44.00
  • Patient Experience 33.00

QOF Report 2014